1. Which payment methods do you accept?


At the moment, payments are excepted only via PayPal. Other payment methods may be added later. If you don't have a PayPal account but you'd like to order something anyway, please get in contact with us by emailing to mail@braggarts.ch.

2. I notice that ‘taxes’ are calculated when I check out. What are these?

All prices you see in our webstore are including 7.7% VAT (value-added tax). Upon checking out, the calculated taxes (VAT) are displayed separately in the ‘Order summary’. This is for clarification only, since we are legally required to charge 7.7% VAT on all our products. But don’t worry: as you can see in your ‘Order summary’, the only costs that are added to the total price of your ordered items are shipping costs.

3. How much does shipping cost?

The cost of shipping can vary greatly depending on the particular items you'd like to purchase, and the location where you'd like your order shipped. You can see how shipping would be added to your order by proceeding to the checkout screen and supplying your address. At that point, you can still cancel or change your order, and you are not required yet to enter any credit card information. 

4. How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Orders are processed and shipped one time a week, during weekdays. So typically, orders are sent away in 3 to 5 working days. After your order has been handed over to the postage service, it depends on the country of destination how long it takes for your order to arrive. 
All packages are sent through SwissPost (Switzerland mail services), and then handed to the default carrier in your country, using the default service. Priority mail is only used when this is specifically advisable for a certain country.

See below for a very rough(!) indication of shipping duration. Please note that this excludes the 3-5 working days it takes us to process and send away your order, and serves as an indication only, it is by no means a guaranteed duration. Also note that shipments with a destination outside the European Union can be subject to customs and border delay, the length of which is unpredictable to us.

Switzerland: 1-2 working days 
European Union: 4-7 working days 
United Kingdom: 5-8 working days 
Scandinavian countries: 8-10 working days 
USA: 10-15 working days

All other countries in the rest of the world: expect at least 15 working days to start with. Other than that, we do not have enough information to give any further estimate. Especially transcontinental shipments can, in some cases, take several weeks to arrive. 
Please also note that if any import tax should be applied on your package by the customs of the destination country, you are responsible for paying those taxes. (We are not allowed to mark our shipments as a “gift” in order to avoid these taxes). For most countries though, this is not very likely to occur, but for some non-EU destination countries, it is a possibility.

5. Can I exchange something I ordered, or can I get a refund?

Yes, this is definitely possible under certain circumstances. Please see the returns policy for instructions and guidelines regarding returns and exchanges.